Vision and mission


Vision and mission

The leading idea of SYA

The SYA upholds the ideas of classic yoga. Yoga taught through SYA members offers an active approach to life and personality development through techniques tested by millennia. The activities of SYA and its member organisations aim at making yoga available to all, who may be interested in it. The SYA educates competent teachers through its teacher training centre.   The SYA  member organisations reach out to all strata of society on equal opportunity basis.   It contributes to the achievement of greater life satisfaction and  integrity of the members of society. The SYA cares after its members and supports their yoga programme.

Goals of SYA

Yoga is a system of psychophysical practices  leading to  states of holistic health and spiritual unfoldment.  The yoga techniques increase life quality and support the achievement of integrated personality. The goal  of SYA is to support, through its member organisations, the development of the psycho-physical culture of people and to support the care for the physical, mental and social health,  through yoga.   The SYA activities facilitate a wider acknowledgement of yoga by the society, they help to ameliorate the physical, mental and spiritual health of citizens of all age groups, integrate the yoga approaches, educate yoga teachers and protect the interests of member organisations. The SYA is a professional association of yoga organisations in Slovakia.



Slovak Yoga Association