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Asanas - yoga postures
Timčák G.M., Dugáček D., Polášek M., 2nd edition, SAJ Bratislava, 2003

The book gives an overview of various asana practice styles and schools, gives detailed indications of their effect from classical and modern point of view. It contains preparatory practices and light to difficult asanas. The book deals also with the energy flow during asanas. It cites training plan examples, too. The book is a textbook for future SYA yoga tutors. It has 157 pages, 225 figures. Some of the asanas were never published before. (Contents, sample )

Teaching materials for the SYA yoga teacher courses
Team of authors

The 5 volume book containing more than 1000 pages and illustrations contains the teaching materials of the SYA 3rd grade yoga tutor course. It is complemented by the book on asanas and the Gheranda Samhita. Some of the materials are prepared for the tutor training course. The books are used also for teaching yoga teachers at the Charles University, Prague. The material is available also on CD-ROM.

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The new Joga 1 course material will be published in 2020



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